Słona Woda

We believe in real food. If you also think that we are what we eat, let’s meet at “Słona Woda.” Our breakfasts are nutritious, very colorful, and taste as great as they look.

Our idea for an afternoon lunch or evening dinner with friends is a menu dominated by fresh vegetables, fish, meat, and a selection of delicious wines and drinks.

Breakfast is served daily from 8:00 till 11:00. À la carte restaurant is daily open from 15:00 to 20:00.

Słona Woda Restaurant



  • 1. Asparagus/ ricotta/ hollandaise sauce/ cashew/ 120 g

    24 zł

  • 2. Gravlax (salmon)/ beetroots/ fennel/ blini/ sour cream/ 90 g



    29 zł

  • 3. Goose breast/ pomegranate/ celeriac remoulade/ orange/ 60 g

    28 zł


  • 1. Fish soup/ coconut milk/ tomatoes/ cod/ prawns/ 300 g

    26 zł

  • 2. Cream of tomato/ mozzarella/ basil/ 300 g

    18 zł

Main Courses

  • 1. Risotto/ chanterelles/ boletus/ Grana Padano/ herbs/ 300 g

    38 zł

  • 2. Sea bass fillet/ rice/ coconut/ ginger/ asparagus/ broccoli/ herbs/ 350 g

    46 zł

  • 3. Cod fillet/ potatoes/ coriander/ black seed/ zucchini/ carrot/ 380 g

    42 zł

  • 4. Beefsteak/ roasted seasonal vegetables/ béaranise sauce/ 370 g

    87 zł

  • 5. Free-range chicken/ potatoes/ curly kale/ boletus/ demi glace sauce/ 320 g

    39 zł

  • 6. Chicory/ Lazur blue cheese/ orange/ fig/ nuts/ 260 g

    29 zł

  • 7. Panzanella/ roasted seasonal vegetables/ bulgur/ sun dried tomatoes/ seeds/ 240 g

    29 zł

  • 8. Panzanella/ roasted seasonal vegetables/ bulgur/ sun dried tomatoes/ seeds/ chicken 240 g

    35 zł

Kids Menu

  • 1. Chicken fillet/ potato purée/ seasonal vegetables/ 250 g

    18 zł

  • 2. Cod fillet/ potato purée/ seasonal vegetables/ 250 g

    22 zł


  • 1. Classic vanilla crème brûlée/ 150 g

    20 zł

  • 2. Chocolate fondant/ chocolate 70%/ salty caramel/ 150 g

    22 zł

  • 3. Panna cotta/ rhubarb/ vanilla/ elderberry flower/150 g

    20 zł


  • 1. Seasonal vegetables 150 g/ mixed salad with vinegar 100 g/ potato purée 150 g/ roasted potatoes 150 g

    10 zł


Booking a table

To book a table at Słona Woda restaurant, please call +48 722 221 216 or send us an e-mail at:


Lobby Bar

Stop by to drink an aromatic coffee, a fruity smoothie, or your favorite cocktail. Lobby Bar is open daily from 13:00 till 21:00.



We organize private and business events up to 35 people in our restaurant and event room. We will help you choose the perfect menu and beverages. Our staff is at your disposal.


Boutique Weddings

Special place for special events. Boutique event room for up to 35 people in our new, luxury hotel located 55 m from the sandy Sopot’s beach. Available dates in V, VI, IX, X, XI 2019! Our staff is at your disposal, write to us